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Hello, my name is Hazel Newman

I’ve had my fair share of injuries and have arthritic knees due to all the dancing and exercises that I’ve done throughout my life!  I was fed up of trying conventional medicine that didn’t really work, so this led me to alternative therapies.  I found them to be more beneficial, and because I loved them so much, I thought I would train as a therapist and offer it to everyone else.  

In 2012 I became a Reiki Master Level 3 and Teacher.  As this felt so natural to me and because I love crystals, I progressed into becoming a Crystal Reiki Practitioner and Master.  Since then I trained further and gained Grade A Diplomas in many different Holistic therapies including Meditation and Reflexology.  I also qualified as a Teacher.  This wasn’t enough though and I knew I there was more for me to do, so I qualified in Spiritual Life Coaching and EFT (Tapping therapy). 

I have always been interested in the Spiritual side of things too (I find it very fascinating!), and because of Reiki I inadvertently opened the door to my (natural!) mediumship and psychic abilities.  I regularly attend a development circle to keep my gifts ‘alive’ and I trained in Tarot Therapy to enhance my card readings.

The body is very good at healing itself, it’s just that modern medicine (although effective) usually only treats the symptoms and not the cause.  This is where complimentary therapies come in and myself – I am passionate about helping you to find the root cause of your every day distresses and releasing it from your body (permanently).  Your inner potential is in there somewhere and together we will find your sparkle.  You deserve a life full of fun, fulfilment and freedom.

Have a look around my website and I look forward to welcoming you for either a treatment or on one of my workshops/courses.

Hazel x