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€195 pp
5 Weeks


If you love EFT and want to take your practice to the next level and teach someone else how to do it, then this course is for you.

There are so many different variations with EFT and this course will cover the main ones, including: TFT, EFT Energy, Proxy EFT and EFT Through the Chakras.  It will also give you some guidance on questioning your client to get to the root cause of their distresses.

The course is set out over 5 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions.  The classes can be 1:1 or group of up to max of 4 persons.

This course can also be done via Zoom.  Please contact Hazel if this is preferred.  Once payment has been received the Zoom link will be sent out (this can be in full up front or installments every week).  A €20 deposit still applies.  You will receive all handouts via PDF at the end of each lesson.

A min €20 deposit is required per person to secure your place.  You can pay in full up front or by installments.  Click on the ‘add to cart’ button next to your preferred start date and payment.  You can then pay by card or Paypal.  You will be sent confirmation of the course joining instructions and payment methods for the remaining balance if you’ve just paid the deposit.

Course Start Dates & Times

Course Details:

During the course you will be exploring deeper into the wonderful world of EFT, and you will discover how to conduct an actual EFT session with a client.  Learn all about the opening and closing procedures and explore the different techniques that are around.  You will also learn how to question your clients to gain a deeper understanding of what the root cause of their distresses are.  You may be surprised as to what you find – and your clients will too.  You will be able to offer your clients a much deeper and fulfilling experience that will help them lead a better life.  Throughout the course there will be practical sessions on each Protocol to ensure you have an understanding on how these are conducted.
This is a brief outline of the course:

~History & Benefits of EFT
~ EFT Protocol
    ~ SUD Scale
    ~ Opening & Closing Procedures
    ~ Tapping Sequence
~ TFT Protocol
    ~ SUE Scale
    ~ Opening & Closing Procedures
    ~ Tapping Sequence
~ Other Tapping Sequences for different issues
~ The Thymus Thump
~ EFT Energy
~ EFT and The Chakras
~ Proxy EFT
~ Animal EFT
~ Tapping Affirmations
~ EFT Practitioner

At the end of the course there will be another practical where you will give a full Practitioner Session with feedback.  Once you have completed this aspect you will be given a Certificate of Completion.

If you have any questions please click here to contact Hazel or telephone 0870663801